Building our Tribe with Ms. Hyatt


Emilie Veazey, Journalist

Ms. Hyatt is one of the new teachers who became a part of the Ripon High School tribe starting with this school year. Hyatt student taught at Atwater High School and Ripon High School, she teaches intro to mechanics and agriculture environmental science. She attended Modesto Junior College for four years then transferred to Fresno State where she got her bachelors in agriculture education. She has a single subject credential for agriculture and an agriculture specialist credential.

 Hyatt believes Ripon High School is the perfect high school for her to teach at. Ever since High School she’s known she wanted to make a career in agriculture.  

  “I used to help my old ag teachers a lot during the summer for fairs, dinners, and events,”  ag teacher Hyatt states.

When Hyatt was in high school helping her own ag teachers, it paved the way for her own interest in teaching that subject. She fell in love with helping students’ minds grow in agriculture. Hyatt has always known she wanted to make a career out of helping people.

 “It’s been really great, it feels really homey which I love,” Hyatt said.

Success to me is trying your best, continuing to grow as a person, and not giving up”

— Mrs. Hyatt said


Hyatt loves working at Ripon High school, everyone has been very welcoming to her. She had always wanted to be in a small town like Ripon.