Apps That Fell Out of Time

Apps That Fell Out of Time

Maddyn Forks, Journalist

Remember apps like Kik, Talking Tom, Temple Run, and the Pou app? These apps were a hit sensation back in the earlier 2000’s. The games are still available in the App Store and Google Play store, but they will always be remembered from our childhood. 

The app Kik Messenger came out in late 2010. The app was made for texting friends and family members, usually used by young adults and teens. Similar to apps like Instagram and Snapchat, you can see when the person your messaging is typing, so you would know when you were about to get a response. On October 19, 2019, the app was supposed to be shut down not because of the lack of users, but because of the creators wanted to focus on Kin cryptocurrency, but because of the negative response of the “shut down”, Kik decided not to shut down the app.  

Another app that was popular was Talking Tom. Talking Tom was an app that was released in 2010, where you talk to a gray tabby cat named Tom. You could poke, tickle, and talk to him. When you said something, Tom would repeat the things you said. Similar apps came out a few years after, the most talked-about one being Talking Angela, Tom’s love interest. Talking Angela was extremely similar to Talking Tom except they were the opposite gender.

Temple Run was  The objective of the game is to go through obstacles while running away from demonic monkeys and there is no end, but it gets faster and harder the farther you go. The game was released in 2011 and many spin-offs later, like Temple Run: The Wizard of Oz and Temple Run 2.

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The Pou app is a game that not a lot of people have downloaded on their devices anymore but is still memorable. It was an app where you would take care of a small piece of “Pou”. You would groom, feed, exercise, and put the Pou to sleep.

These apps will go down in history and will be forever remembered as go-to apps when we were bored and wanted to play something fun. These apps and their spinoffs are all still available in the App Store and Google Play store, but they will be ones to remember.