Gabriella Ilardi Making it to Masters


Maddyn Forks, Journalist

Gabriella Ilardi, the new golf legend, is the only person from our league that has made it to Golf Masters. Golf Masters is a big tournament that highschoolers go to when they have exceeded the expectations of a golfer. It is a very big accomplishment when a golfer makes it to this stage in their golfing career. 

Ilardi has been playing golf since she was about seven or eight. She would see her dad play and once he started getting into it, Ilardi began to practice. Then she started to compete when she was about twelve years old. The coach at the golf course, whos she’s had since was younger, has helped her and influenced her and how she plays. Ilardi’s parents have also helped her and supported her throughout her life.
“They’re always supporting me and I can always come to them when I need something and I can count on them for everything,” said Ilardi

Ilardi’s favorite moments this season have been in the car rides to the games because of how her team and she bonded and got to know each other better. She enjoyed the silly activities she and her team would partake in and appreciates the support coming from them when she finally made it to masters. Ilardi plans to play golf all four years of high school and treasure all of the memories that she makes on the way. Going into masters she was extremely excited. 

“I was very excited going into it, especially because I played the course multiple times before that and as a freshman, I thought it was overall really cool to go,” said Ilardi. 

Ilardi couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to go to masters and succeed this season. She plans to play a lot more because she wants to get used to playing because it’s not the same as practicing. Ilardi hopes she can make it to masters next year because of her love of golf. 

Golf means so much to me and just like recently meant like a lot more. It’s one of my highest priorities in life and I want to spend as much time as I can out there, getting better and it just really makes me happy inside because when I have a bad day, I just want to be at the golf course and just so I can do what I love”

— Gabriella Ilardi


Gabriella Ilardi has a passion for playing golf and cannot wait for what the future holds for her. She plans to pursue a golfing career and play golf in college. Making it to masters was one of her biggest accomplishments and she plans on partaking in masters next year. 

“Especially from coming from our end of the year tournament like winning and shooting and doing really good in that tournament, I had a lot of confidence going in and it just made me feel good about myself in my games,” Ilardi exclaims.