The Keto Diet



Haven Gutierrez, Journalist

     Are you looking for motivation? Do you need a slight nudge to finally start a diet that you have been planning? Well here’s that nudge for you. Several people have wearily started the Keto diet and have received amazing results in return. These success stories have shown us that you don’t have to starve to lose weight. 

     The ideal keto diet consists of lots of high-fat and low-carb foods. Some examples can be eggs, meats, and dairy. You also should not eat processed food and unhealthy fats. With this diet, it is all about what you eat, and if it is the proper type of fats or proteins that you should be eating. Paula Matos has been using the Keto diet for some time now, and has experienced results. 


I’m losing weight, and that is a plus, but more importantly I have been able to make this a lifestyle rather than a quick diet to lose weight.”

— Paula Matos


     The Keto diet is actually quite similar to the Atkins diet. This diet is quite commonly known for putting the body into a fat burning metabolic state called Ketosis. Ketosis is when molecules called ketones build up in the bloodstream causing the body to start shedding weight quickly. Once the body is in full ketosis state, a significantly large portion of the brain starts burning ketones rather than glucose. Ketosis isn’t just good for losing weight, it is also beneficial for those who suffer with diabetes, cancer, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s.

     There have been many motivational stories for the Keto diet such as Sarah (last name unknown). She is a 39 year old from Canada, and has lost 170 lbs over the span of the last two years.

      “My weight has been a lifelong struggle. I was a chubby kid who was 250 lbs by my late teens. I feel like I have been on a diet for my whole life. I attended my first weight-loss meeting at 13 years old,” Sarah stated. 

     Sarah struggled before she used the diet, but the Keto diet showed her how easy it can be to lose weight and keep it off. Ultimately, the Keto diet has helped so many people struggling with weight and proved beneficial to those with certain health issues. 


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