Foods at the Fair


Isabella DiGiulio

When the week of Almond Blossom begins to approach most people look forward to the uplifting parade or the thrilling attractions from the fair, but that’s not all the fair has to offer. Who does not enjoy the food? 

Most carnivals all have the same staple foods– corn dogs, funnel cakes, and ice cream. As you walk through the fair you will see many teenagers enjoying these foods during a quick break from the rides, or younger kids snacking on them as they toss rings onto bottles in attempt to win a goldfish.

My favorite carnival food is a sundae, because it’s usually hot, so after you ride all the rides it’s good to just like sit down and eat ice cream,”

— Junior Angie Baca


If the typical carnival foods don’t suit you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options. There is a row of food trucks and tents, with some across the other aisles. The festival offers snacks, full meals, or sometimes just beverages. Tents, like Rodin Farms, allowed you to even try samples of their food. 

“It’s nice that you’re not limited to one option. You could go out and you could explore different foods or try new foods,” exclaimed Sophomore Adriana DiGiulio.

Along with the food options being plentiful, they were also diverse, even showcasing certain cultures. Lunches and dinners varied from Lockeford sausages to street tacos to teriyaki chicken with a side of fried rice. Hillbilly Tea and coffee, along with lemonade and sodas, were provided for beverages. Finally, desserts or sweet treats included a wide array of ice cream, italian licorice, and more.

“I like how we can be diverse with the food options, because there’s a lot of people coming in to Ripon for the carnival,” explained Baca. 

It’s said that food brings people together. If you were there you would have seen that this was obviously the case at the Almond Blossom festival, as many people gathered at tables or sat in groups on the grass, talking and listening to the music being played.

“I think the food is special there, because Almond Blossom happens once a year […] It’s the one time people can easily enjoy that food,” said DiGiulio.

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