Two Incredible RHS students win a scholarship

Two Incredible RHS students win a scholarship

Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

The school year is coming to an end, and our seniors are preparing to leave RHS for college. With this, many applied for scholarships of all kinds both big and small. Two of our outstanding student athletes, Nicolas Ilardi and Reina Sausedo, applied for one of the biggest scholarships in our county, the Dale Lacky Scholarship.

Something that seniors or any highschooler has to prepare for is how they are going to pay for college, and scholarships are a huge contribution. They help recognize and reward the student after working hard in school, such as scholarships rewarding those with sportsmanship all the way to excellent academic achievements. The Dale Lacky Scholarship rewards students with both, who have shown dedication and hard work in all areas throughout their highschool career. 

I was hopeful that the time and effort that I had put in would be enough to help me win the scholarship”

— Nico Ilardi

In total, 49 students were selected to win scholarships throughout our county. The amount of money won in the scholarships varied depending on what level you had reached. In this case Sausedo and Ilardi had made it in the top ten, therefore receiving a 1,000 dollar scholarship. The process consisted of listing all of their athletic awards, community service, clubs and more. Later they were told to write an essay with “sportsmanship” as the topic. 

“I haven’t taken the time to really look at what I have accomplished at RHS until going through the process. I’m extremely proud of my dedication and also just thankful for the influences from my family to push me harder”, said winning senior Reina Sausedo.

Both Ilardi and Sausedo are examples of hard workers who have shown dedication throughout their four years here at Ripon High. With this scholarship presented to them, it shows the potential they possess for the future.

They were both very well deserving of this award,” stated Athletic Coach Rod Wright. “ and they worked hard for it during their four years at Ripon High School, both academically and athletically.”

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