Michael Jordan’s Last Chance


Stephen Corro, Journalist

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The most unforgettable name in sports, Michael Jordan, has released a documentary titled
The Last Dance, which displayed the successes, drama, controversy, and championships of the Chicago Bulls during the 1990s. Besides the team, the documentary also showed the effect Michael had on people around the world and how his fame was unmatched by any other athlete or actor. The 10-part series shows all of the things happening in the locker room and outside of the game. The documentary shows everything the team went through explicitly. Though that may seem bad, the viewers have nothing but praise for the documentary and it is one of the most viewed shows on television today.

    The Last Dance first aired on April 19, 2020. ESPN releases two episodes every Sunday. The first 2 episodes were all about NBA Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen. The episode showed the final season of Jordan and the Bulls’ quest for their sixth ring. Scottie Pippen was the main topic as he signed the most humble contract. The Hall of Famer signed a 5-year deal for 18 million dollars. A contract like that was usually given out to bench players, not players like Scottie. However, he did not care about money at the time. He cared about his health and winning. The first two episodes also showed the antagonist to the team’s successes. That man was Jerry Krause, the team’s General Manager at the time. The reaction of the show was absurd, having players and fans raving and wanting more. 

   “If I had 3 wishes in life. I think I would have asked for The Last Dance,” Dwyane Wade, a future Hall of Famer, said on Twitter.

    “I could’ve watched all 10 episodes right now,” the current Chicago Bulls star shooting guard, Zach Lavine, stated on Twitter.

    With these two reactions alone by some of the best players in today’s game, that should be enough to convince you to watch this documentary. Even if you are not a sports person, the show describes what times were like back in the late 1980s through the late 1990s. The documentary is made for everyone as they also have a clean version of the documentary on ESPN2.