Supporting the Class of 2020

Charlise Hyer, journalist

As the world faces new challenges due to the recent pandemic Covid-19, there is a particular bunch that missed out on one in a lifetime events. The class of 2020, not knowing what to expect starting their senior year, does not get to finish the traditional way. 

Ripon High School is doing its best to give its seniors the last bit of high school experience they can get. From Ripon High to small local businesses, Ripon is showing endless love to our class of 2020. 

To show their support, parents, relatives, and staff can purchase a senior poster from Ripon Prints Studio on Main Street to display in their front yard.

Ripon High’s yearbook Instagram and Facebook account, run by Mrs. Ochoa, has made it available for seniors to submit a photo and a short paragraph of their time at RHS for a “Senior Spotlight” on the accounts. 

Most events like College Reveal Night and The Grateful Graduate have taken place online. As it is different from the traditional way, Ripon Staff wanted to make it as “normal” of a school year as they can. They turned the Grateful Graduate into a podcast for all to hear on and College Reveal into a virtual reveal posted on the Ripon High Facebook page. 

As for upcoming events, such as graduation and sober grad night, Ripon is not exactly sure how that will play out. At the moment, they have July 31st at 7:30pm set as the new graduation date and time, but who can be sure what will happen during this pandemic. Sober grad night, which is held after graduation, is still yet to be announced if and when it will go on. 

We hope the best for our seniors and hope that this pandemic will ease down just enough to have their graduation!