Ripon’s Main Street Sweet: The Ice Cream Emporium


Annie Wild, Journalist

    It’s here! On July 20, The Ice Cream Emporium officially opened its doors to the public. Many people had awaited this day since the announcement on Instagram. The family friendly business has had great success, making an amazing addition to Main Street. 

    The Ice Cream Emporium has become a place for the community to gather and enjoy sweet, creamy desserts. It brings a warm and welcoming appeal to others. People come here for a number of reasons, always feeling happy. 

    “The Emporium has such a unique look and a unique look to it that it’s very different from anything we have in town. It has that old fashioned vibe that we notice just brings families together,” employee Hannah Willey stated. 

    There are over 30 different flavors to choose from. The mix of classic and unique flavors help create the fun and inviting menu with something for everyone. This includes vegan and no sugar added options. 

    “They have different unique flavors to offer that you can’t get anywhere else that are affordable,” Taylor Kovacs, a regular customer at the Ice Cream Emporium, said.

    The Ice Cream Emporium has an atmosphere that draws people in. The seating, color scheme, and overall charm of the decor makes the Emporium stand out. The logo stands out to the public to complete the old timey feel of the shop. 

    “It’s more of a restaurant rather than a fast food chain… it’s nice to have a good ice cream shop to sit and hang out at,” sophomore Lucas Waible said. 

    The opening of The Ice Cream Emporium has made an impact both on Main Street and on the Ripon community. The old fashioned shop is creating smiles for many people who walk in. Ripon now has a new, family friendly, fun place to be.