Ripon’s Amazing Race 2020

Faith Yuen, Journalist

Ripon’s Amazing Race, have you ever heard of it? Ripon High has hosted three races since 2019 that are full of fun for everybody.

Ever since April of 2019, Mrs. Pendleton and Mr. Wright have put on “scavenger hunts” around Ripon to imitate the show called “The Amazing Race.” Participants are given a number of clues that lead them to different locations where they will either find another clue, a task they must complete, or something to look for. One of this year’s clues was a poem with a secret meaning behind it that the participants had to figure out, and one of this year’s tasks was finding one of the four locks on the catwalk. 

The race is a way for Ripon High to reach out to the community and provide a fun activity outside of our normal events,” Pendleton said.

Mr. Wright and Mrs. Pendleton both thought that bringing an amazing race scavenger hunt to Ripon would be both fun and a different way to have an activity that unites our community. 

“It is great for team-building among friends and family members,” Pendleton said. 

Ripon’s Amazing Race is a great way for friends and family to have fun together while also strategizing in order to win. The three teams that won each had a specific strategy that worked best for their team to complete all of the tasks. 

“We solved as many clues at home as we could, made the most efficient plan for hitting them all, and took the rest of the clues to figure out as we drove,” one of the winners, parent Teresa Vander Veen, said. 

This was one of the team strategies that the winners followed in order to win. After the participants finished all of their tasks, they submitted a Google Slides presentation to Mrs. Pendleton and Mr. Wright with pictures proving that they completed the tasks and found the clues.

“The Amazing Race is a fun activity for all ages,” Pendleton said.

It also reveals things about our town and its history people may not know.”

— Mrs. Pendleton