The Differences In Trick Or Treating This Year


Kaitlyn Espinola, Journalist

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Trick or treating is a tradition people all around the world partake in. Due to the effects of Covid 19, the beloved tradition is predicted to be different this year in several different ways. Social distancing will likely be enforced and many people will not be participating at all. For some, however, the virus won’t stop them from having a fun and safe Halloween.

The CDC has stated it is safe to trick or treat as long as the following precautions are enforced. They encourage people to social distance, go out in smaller groups of people, and avoid contact with people who have chosen to personally pass out candy. Instead of handing out candy, a safer alternative is to leave a bowl of treats on your doorstep, driveway, etc. and allow trick or treaters to help themselves. This allows for a minimal amount of contact and interaction. The CDC also encourages families to research the risk levels in the city they choose to trick or treat in. This can help decide whether or not it’s safe to go out or not.

In Ripon and other cities in San Joaquin County, trick or treating is being strongly discouraged due to high-risk levels. Ripon and Manteca are offering more alternative activities than usual such as drive-through trick or treating and a Halloween dinner. Despite the strong discouragement, it’s not illegal and people will not be fined if they choose to trick or treat. Judy Molleson of Manteca states she will be handing out candy this year but not without caution. She plans to set up a bowl of candy for trick or treaters and will be sitting from a distance to wish people a happy Halloween. Like most people, she is disappointed about the unfortunate circumstances of this holiday.

While trick or treating may be different this year compared to previous years, it’s not without reason. To have a safe yet fun Halloween is the unofficial goal this year as everyone works together to fight the spread of the coronavirus.