A Corona Christmas


Riley Slikker , journalist

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Due to the current spike in Covid cases, a lot of families are backing out on their normal Christmas traditions and travel plans. With more and more counties in California returning to the purple zone, it has become a larger health hazard for families to travel or have big gatherings for Christmas.

Families are not gathering this year because they are afraid of potentially infecting other extended family members, like grandparents, or those at a higher risk of infection. There are also a few events that families attend as traditions that have been canceled this year due to COVID.

Some are trying to keep Christmas as normal as possible and still doing as many traditions as they can. However, other families have completely thrown their usual traditions out the door this year and are just going with the flow this Christmas.

Like the Wilkerson family for instance, normally opening presents waits until Christmas morning, not this year. They opened their presents almost four weeks before Christmas.

For the Inderbitzins, their Christmas plans have changed dramatically. They aren’t doing a big family gathering, and only opening Santa presents and gifts from aunts and uncles. Since they cannot see their grandparents for Christmas this year, their whole family has planned a drive-by at their grandparents’ house. They are going to decorate their cars so they can see their grandparents and family for Christmas.

I think it’s safe to say that just like everything else this year, Christmas will be far from normal but that doesn’t make it any less special.