Upcoming Fashion Trends in 2021!


Natalie Becerra, Journalist

In 2020, there were so many fashion trends such as biker shorts, oversized shirts/hoodies, sweatsuits, vintage Nike hoodies, 90’s nostalgia, chain necklaces, and so much more! But rumor has it that 2021 will have even better trends than 2020 did. 

Some sources say that  Vintage GAP Hoodies, silk bandanas, oversized blazers, and patchwork tops/pants will be coming into style this 2021 season.

“I cannot wait to see all the new trends 2021 will have in store!” says Gavin Kosaka

In 2020 bandanas starting appearing on a lot of outfits to add a little extra something without overdoing it. A lot of people look good in them! 

 “Personally I think that they’re really cool accessories u can add with ur outfits to add a little more without doing too much,” says Junior Bee Hayer

Oversized blazers are unique, and very classy but are still casual”

— Gavin Kosaka

Next is oversized blazers. Blazers themselves add a classy touch to any outfit you put it with. Whether it’s for a business meeting or even a day out in the city to look professional. Oversized blazers are really going to add some spice to outfits this upcoming year! 

“Oversized blazers are unique, and very classy but are still very casual,” said Gavin Kosaka

Gap hoodies and any gap clothing are what almost everyone wore growing up. Hoodies have always been in style whether it being oversized or fitted. The Gap hoodies that are coming back in 2021 are usually seen fitted and paired with very casual outfits.

“A lot of us grew up wearing Gap so it is very cool to see it become a trend because it reminds me of my childhood,” states Payton Miller-Kay

And lastly, Patchwork pants and tops are coming into style in 2021. At the end of 2020, patchwork started coming up on social media. Patchwork is a very unique fashion statement and it is going to be so cool to see what everyone does with this.

“Patchwork clothing is such a cool and fun trend because you can mix and match logos, colors, etc. and I can’t wait to see this!” exclaims Ava Keast.