Heart Day is coming!

Heart Day is coming!

Alyson Harvey, Journalist

Valentine’s day is coming up! Since the pandemic has struck us, we have not been able to go out anywhere. This is unfortunate since Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays to go out on. Despite this, in order to stay safe we should not go out, so here are some fun, easy, or romantic activities to do on Valentine’s day with your friend or significant other. 

For people with their significant other, you can do lots at home, such as creating a spa experience. This doesn’t cost very much money. All that is needed to do is get a face mask and other spa supplies if you want more. You can even make bath bombs or mud masks. Another fun idea is surprising your partner with a backyard picnic, lay out a quilt or blanket,

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and eat a variety of foods. If the weather outside is bad, have a picnic indoors by candlelight or the fireplace. Layout a blanket and pillows to make it cozier.

If your Valentine’s dates are your friends, grab that popcorn or snacks and get out all the cozy blankets to do a movie marathon. If the weather is good outside get outside with friends for the day or a few hours by taking a hike somewhere beautiful. Find a state park nearby or just walk around town. A fun and easy activity is to host a game night with a few friends. 

Ideas that are fun for everyone can include having a hot cocoa or ice cream bar. Grabbing some blankets and pillows and creating a fort to watch some Netflix in it. Or if you want to be basic you can have a movie night that will be fun and easy. 

In an interview with Jenna Scavdol, she said “My favorite Valentine’s day tradition is spreading time with friends and family.”

So who is your valentine this year? Your significant other? Friend? Dog or cat? Or it can even be your bed!