Boys Tennis 2021


Faith Yuen, Journalist

Sports are back at Ripon High! Due to Covid, only some sports are allowed to actually happen. One of those sports, which is actually new to RHS, is boy’s tennis. Usually, tennis is done Co-ed, but this year there will be a boy’s and girl’s tennis team. The boy’s team faced Escalon in their first match on Tuesday, February 16. 

“I am looking forward to traveling as a team and just getting back to the general feel of sports being back,” freshman Layton Krygsheld said. 

Since sports have been put off for a while now, everybody is very excited to get back to participating in and watching sports. Because tennis is fairly a Covid-friendly sport, boys tennis was one of the first sports to be able to happen. 

“The feeling of truly beating an opponent after a hard-fought match is indescribable,” senior Brendan Lan said. 

The boy’s tennis team had their first match on Tuesday, February 16th in Escalon. Everyone played their best, and most of them had good outcomes. They played again on Tuesday, February 23rd at the community center, and their next match is on Thursday, February 25th. 

“What I enjoy about tennis is that it’s a technical sport and requires accuracy.” freshman Levi Lundrigan said. 

Thankfully, the sport does not require contact and is outdoors. Because of these reasons, it is one of the only sports that were allowed to open up during these COVID times, although, a lot more sports are beginning to become available for more student-athletes to participate in. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for more sports beginning to start!

“It’s great to have something physical I can do to keep myself occupied,” Brendan said

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