Crystals On The Rise

Crystals On The Rise

Natalie Becerra, Journalist

This past year crystals and spirituality have been peaking a lot of people’s interest, and they are only getting more and more popular! People believe that crystals have healing powers. These beliefs include ideas like they can help you spiritually, mentally, and are good for manifesting. People use them for these reasons or they just prefer the aesthetic. 

Along with crystals, there are objects called in scents. In scents are little sticks that have a certain scent to them and you can use them to cleanse crystals and manifest. 

There’s a huge selection of crystals from colors, sizes, and what they do. Some crystals that people recommend to “beginners” are: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine. People recommend these crystals because they are so versatile and good for the basic needs of a beginner.

The more and more you get into your spiritual side, crystals and manifesting will be a lot easier to use and get what you want. But, how do you use crystals? Well, you can use them for self-love, control anxiety, positive energy, healing, and much more.

Crystals and spirituality have been around for such a long time and the practices have been used time after time. It’s really cool that people still like to do them to this day. A lot of people use the full moon to charge their crystals as well. Since the moon has healing powers, people put their crystals under the moonlight and get them in the morning all charged and ready to use again.

These powerful rocks can help so much and we don’t even know. The next time you’re feeling stressed, use some Amethyst! Want some more self-love? Use your Rose Quartz. And if you want some good luck for maybe a test? Bring some Tigers-eye in your backpack with you to school. Crystals really do have amazing powers and maybe in the upcoming year, they will become more and more popular as they seek help for a lot of people.

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