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Timothy Swinson

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Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

It’s the last semester before finals and only a few weeks before our summer vacation. Now is the time for high schoolers to start preparing and put in the effort to get the highest grades possible before the end of school. Here are some tips and study hacks to help your mindset on the right track again to a successful report card. 

Office hours are a great opportunity open now two to three times a week. Teachers have provided students with additional time to contribute their help for any assignments or extra help. From the time 1:40 pm in the afternoon to 3:10 pm on even days, teachers are required to stay after class for any students, giving us the opportunity to review any subject matter, test retakes, or extra credit to bump your grade. 

Limiting your screen time this last semester has and will continue to affect your education if overused. One can see time flies when scrolling through the media, which is why managing your time on your phone is important to your study time while limiting “tech” breaks. National Institute of Health provides data on kids with more than seven hours of screen time a day, “experienced thinning of the brain’s cortex, the area of the brain related to critical thinking and reasoning.” Technology can also lead to sleep deprivation from the blue light in screens, which activates melanin. Making sure to get your recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, for a fully rested and functional mind throughout the day (American Academy of Sleep Medicine). 

Another important tip, especially at the end of the school year is time efficiency. Manage your time wisely and plan out your time separately from your social life and education. Getting a planner helps organize and keep track of deadlines, errands, dates, etc. Organize your sleep schedule and school time between sports, clubs, sleep, etc. Planning your days in advance can prevent study sessions from turning into a late night out, so plan your free nights and school nights fairly. 

These hacks and tricks, including limiting your screen time wisely, attending office hours, getting organized, and even setting reminders for yourself, will and can guarantee you a successful final outcome, and end the school year happily. 

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