“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” Movie Review


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist


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 This February, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things movie came out. So far, the only known app this movie can be watched from is Amazon Prime. This science fiction rom com is about two teenagers who are stuck in a time loop of the same day repeating over and over while slowly falling in love with each other. The cast includes Kyle Allen (Mark), Kathryn Newton (Margaret), Jermaine Harris (Henry), Josh Hamilton (Daniel), Jorja Fox (Greta), Cleo Fraser (Emma), Anna Mikami (Phoebe), and many more.The film was directed by Ian Samuels and the screenplay is by Lev Grossman.

     The plot first follows Mark (just one of the two teenagers) through his repeated day. This entails having breakfast with his dad and sister, his attempts to try to impress a girl, and hanging out with his best friend. Through Mark’s regular and much repeated day, a certain event is interrupted by another girl. After seeing this mystery girl, he searches all over town to find her and when he does, he learns that she is going through the same situation as him. Her name is Margaret and her everyday is much different from Marks. Her goal is to do aerospace engineering as well as learn how to drive. 

     After meeting each other, a friendship forms and they decide to find all of the small perfect moments of that repeated day. Mark believes that there has to be a way to get out of this time loop they’re stuck in, which is all that Mark wants. Although Mark wants the time loop to stop, Margaret secretly doesn’t. Trying her best to hide it from Mark, he knows something isn’t right and that she is hiding something. 

     I thought this movie was fantastic and very interesting. It is not like other rom coms where there’s a bit of mystery as well as shocks and surprises at the end. I believe the ending was simply satisfying and was glad to see how everything worked out. I recommend this to anyone who likes romantic comedies with a tad bit of science fiction.