Dribbling Through Senior Season


Faith Yuen, Journalist

“Ladies, I know all three of you will go on and do great things in your life. Thank you for representing Ripon HS and our Basketball Program in a positive way. Keep working hard and good luck in the future.””

— Rick Inderbitzen

With girls and boys basketball season currently going on, the next game is never guaranteed. This is because, in order for a game to happen, every single player (on both teams) has to have a negative COVID test. Because of this, girls basketball senior night was held on the first home game of the season, on April 23rd. Three seniors, Kiley Holland, Molly Burton, and Ally Pendleton, were celebrated on this special night. 

“I was really happy for Seniors Kiley Holland, Molly Burton, and Ally Pendleton. They deserved to be recognized for their 4 years of playing basketball in our program” head coach, Rick Inderbitzen said. 

Senior night is a tradition that a lot of high schools, along with Ripon High hold before one game out of the season in order to celebrate and honor the seniors on the team. This year, the seniors’ teammates made them baskets of treats and goodies that they thought they would enjoy. The seniors also received flowers, balloons, and various gifts from coaches, parents and friends. They also had posters made for them that were displayed in the foyer of the gym. 

“Senior night was special because I got to walk with my parents and the team was able to give us gifts.” senior Kiley Holland said.

One of the things that makes senior night special is that the seniors each have escorts that walk them down the court. While this is happening, one of their teammates is telling the crowd about the four years they have spent at Ripon High and in the basketball program-they also talk about what the senior plans on doing in the future. 

“Walking with Kiley and Ally was emotional because we all started at the same time and have always been on the same team,” senior Molly Burton said. 

Senior night is something that a lot of student-athletes look forward to when their time to graduate finally comes, and all three of these seniors were thankful to have gotten the opportunity to celebrate their time in the RHS girls basketball program.

“I’d like to thank my coaches for always helping me get better, and I’d thank my parents, friends, and teammates for being really supportive of me,” senior Ally Pendleton said.