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“pastel girls in harajuku, 姫ギャル” by rc! is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

Could Black Face Masks Be The New Thing?

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We can all agree that this past year has been a hectic ride for all. Although, to many, quarantine and Covid-19, may have helped a majority of adolescents and teenagers find their new and influenced identity, fashionably related. 

Now more than ever, online shopping has flourished in popularity, due to Covid regulations, tempting the fashion industry to create more fast shopping websites online. Online stores such as Shein, Boohoo, Amazon, etc., have made a change in how our generation shops today, and the platforms are only growing. With sales and a wide selection of clothing, you can create your personalized closet out of many of your favorite shops. However, knowing Covid-19 may not be due for the soonest leave, wouldn’t it be fair to know in advance what to be shopping for in the upcoming yearly trends?  

Something to expect this 2021 spring outside, is black face masks. Under current circumstances the world has gone in, instead of putting more risk into this situation, people are accepting of it and instead embracing it to fit their everyday lifestyle. Not only beneficial to your health, but also very convenient. 

“…Very matchable with any piece of clothing, and with everything going on, it would make sense to just accept Covids new regulations and find new ways to spice up your closet.” 

Brenda Gonzalez, a freshman at Ripon High agrees black masks can influence staying safe in our environment while still dressing up fashionably. 

With crop tops becoming every teens’ go-to piece of wardrobe, it’s no surprise they’d be staying in a while longer. The different styles and fabrics these shirts come out with can beat a normal tee any day, especially making a move in body positivity. Different mesh tops, wrap-arounds, corsets, etc., have been created and been going into fashion this past year, not only stylish but while promoting self-confidence to all young teens.

What’s Spring without some pastel colors to kick in your wardrobe? Some warm and vibrant colors to blend in with the natural scene are what you may need during the season. Pastel colors have been in trend before, and they’re coming back again stronger with the most relaxed tones, all over your Pinterest board. With a little sage green or powder blue, it can follow and create your aesthetic wardrobe to the latest chic of 2021.

Will you prepare for the newest 2021 chic looks? Embrace the different trends to see what fits you and embrace the nice styles. Self-confidence is key, and your closet is only the beginning of your journey.