Ripon Tribe Spirit: Club Rush


Jenny Pfeifer, Journalist


My favorite dress up day was Orange/Multicultural Day because I got to wear one of my favorite dresses from Mexico”

— Brenda Gonzalez, Sophomore.

     Starting off the school year right at Ripon High with our spirit week and Club Rush! Spirit week included dress up days like Block R Sports day or Green, Multicultural day or Orange, Military (support our troops day) or Blue, FFA Professional day or Yellow, and ending on our Red & White or last year’s class t-shirt. In the end, it was the Seniors class that came out on top with 40 percent average dress up. 

     “My favorite dress up day was Orange/Multicultural Day because I got to wear one of my favorite dresses from Mexico,” stated Brenda Gonzalez, Sophomore. 

     Although spirit week really brought out Ripon High pride, club rush brought out the best of our great school. From the debate club to the yoga club, there were many exciting opportunities for students to get involved at RHS; whether that be starting a club or joining one!

     “I co-started the Kindness club and I’m an officer in Crystal club… it’s busy but it’s most definitely worth it,” stated Lucas Waibel, Junior. 

     Some of the school clubs available at RHS includes the Crystal, Debate, Yoga, Kindness, Ripon Pride, United, Scrubs (Pre-Med), Red Cross, Spike Ball, Girls League, Disney, FFA, GSA, Multicultural, Chess, Drama, Environmental Advocacy, eSports, Estudiantes Unidos, Fanny Pack, Renaissance, Sacred Heart, Science Olympiad, and many more. The one concept that all of these school clubs have in common is bringing people with the same interest/support together, which is the true spirit of Ripon High. 

     “I think next year someone should start a Bugs club or Reptile club; clubs about animals interest people in different careers,” stated Vincent Martini, Freshman. 

     To understand what clubs you should join, it’s pretty simple; any clubs that fit your interest. If you are interested in the medical field, it’s a good idea to join the Scrubs club or Red Cross. If you are interested in the Ag industry, FFA is definitely the route to go on. Maybe you want to show support for LGBTQ+ by joining GSA. Even small, fun dress up clubs such as the Fanny Pack club and the Crocs club can be so much fun. This year’s club rush was a success and will only continue to improve; it will only be a matter of time before RHS gets ready for their 2022-2023 Club Rush. 

     “A club I would be interested in starting next year would be the Zumba Club because I love to dance… and you’re always sure to have a blast,” stated Gonzalez.

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