New Year, New Schedule


Annie Wild, Journalist

Summer is over and the transition into the start of the year has begun. This year, it may be harder to adjust due to Ripon High’s new bell schedule. The new schedule has been a controversial topic between both students and teachers. With that being said, how has the first few weeks of school been different because of the bell schedule?

This year, each morning starts off with an 8:30 am start time, which is later than it has been in years past. This also means getting out later. The school day ends with the conclusion of seventh period at 3:40 pm. In the schedule there are three full seven period days and two block period days. Time and block periods have both contributed to the harder adjustment to get back into the swing of the school year. 

“The new bell schedule has affected my life, mainly with sports. It causes my day to be an hour behind which puts me off track”, states Katelyn Cardoza, senior. 

After school sports have caused many issues. The practice times are later, meaning students get home later and do not have enough time to participate in other activities. For games and other competitions, students are missing more class time, leading to more homework and less time to seek assistance and ask clarifying questions. 

“The schedule has made me focus on more meaningful activities…that tends to increase student engagement and make classes, even the long block days, more enjoyable”, says Christopher Brown, teacher. 

Teachers have had to figure out new methods of teaching in order for lessons to correspond with the schedule. Having the block days has caused teachers to repeat lessons, so finding other learning options for those days is key. The level of focus and engagement in students is another important factor in keeping students occupied during the period. 

“The new schedule hasn’t changed my learning…it is not the worst, but it’s also not my favorite”, states Jacob Allen, junior.