Swinging Into the New Season


Layton Krygsheld, journalist

With the coronavirus throwing off all sports last year with lots of uncertainty, finally, we have sports starting on schedule. One of them being girls golf, who have already started playing their first game.

“I’m excited to start off my first full season off with a great team win.” Katie Martin, sophomore, said. As Ripon took their first official win over Escalon. In their first game against Summerville, they won due to disqualification. We can be sure to expect more wins coming from our team.

“I am mostly looking forward to the van rides with the team and meeting all the new girls on the team.” Gabbi Ilardi, junior, said.

Gabbi is Ripon High’s number one ranked player and is also “Looking forward to competing and going out to do her best every game.”Our team is led by coach Dambrosio who is starting the season off strong with a win against our rivals. He has been coaching our girls golf team for the past 14 years.

“My favorite part about coaching this team is watching the girls improve their golf game and the confidence it brings them. It’s fun to see them get excited when they play their best round or improve in an area where they were struggling. All of these girls are hard workers and want to improve.” Coach Dambrosio said.

He is very optimistic and passionate about coaching our girls and it is great to see how proud he is of his team.

“This year is much more fun because we are able to talk to the other team while we are playing this year which we weren’t able to last year.” Stated Anna Fisher, sophomore.

Just another way we are trying to bounce back from the virus holding us back last year.
Overall we should all be grateful for the opportunity to return back to as normal as we can. We should also be proud of our girls golf team for starting the season out very well with a 2-0 record.

We all know the virus limited us and everything last year especially with our sports around Ripon High campus. And even though there was a golf season last year as we heard from Fisher it is more enjoyable this year because they can socialize more with the other team during games.