Non-School Sports


Layton Krygsheld, journalist

Around Ripon High school it is easy to follow and keep up with sports going on around campus. We have the morning announcements announcing what sports we have going on that day. We have the Ripon High Superfans doing the player of the game, but what about the athletes who participate in the sports offered outside of Ripon high school?
Many athletes at school aren’t the ones who do the sports on campus. The idea of playing sports all around the state or even the country and not against people you see every day is a major difference between the two. Or playing against the same teams from nearby areas.
“It’s different, you don’t play with kids you see at school or play against teams that are in the same area.” says travel hockey player, Marcus Gonzalez, Sophomore.
We see diverse ranges of athletic talent here at Ripon High. Most students outside of school participate in sports, however, many also thrive in the world of dance. Dance is another outside school activity for many and these dancers spend their time competing against other companies around the country. Students are especially involved in dance travel with companies and experience great opportunities. HC Teen Company dancer and senior here at Ripon High, Naomi Wilbur, has been dancing since the age of two.
“My favorite part about dance is being able to see my growth and progress over the years and since I’ve been doing it for so long it has really paid off,” said Naomi Wilbur, senior.
We all know about the Ripon High cheer team but what about those who participate in competitive cheer outside of our school’s cheering program. Traveling to win a world title is special for only competitive cheer and getting to experience new places far away. These fierce cheer competitors are going against people you would never otherwise get the opportunity to if you had just stuck with normal high school cheer.
“My favorite part about competitive cheer is that I enjoy traveling across the country to compete at big events and working towards a world title.” Said competitive cheerleader, Sienna Mancuso.
Overall It is important to recognize the athletes who work really hard for their sports that aren’t by the school. Ripon High is full of many talented athletes who may not get as recognized, whether it is a hockey player, dancer, or competitive cheerleader. We wish the best of luck to all athletes, school sports athletes, and non-school sports athletes.