Unique Cars at RHS


Jake Thompson, Journalist

With all the new drivers coming into RHS, it’s interesting to see all of the cars they have with them. Every car is different, and students/teachers alike have different tastes when it comes to their vehicles. 

Whether they may be just daily drivers, muscle cars, or even JDM cars, everybody has a different and unique car here on campus. One of these car owners is a senior here on campus, Decker Pack, and he owns a 1986 Chevy S/10. 

“I feel like my car is unique because it is completely stock. When my dad and I found it in a barn it had been sitting for 20 years,” stated Pack.

Some people may also have a specific reason for buying or owning such vehicles, they may have just gotten a good deal on it, it was a car they dreamed of having, or they inherited it from their family. 

“I got a great deal on my truck for the condition we found it in, and it also matched my dad’s truck,” continued Pack. Although students have their own vehicles, the teachers have their fair share of cars as well. 

Although students have their own vehicles, the teachers have their fair share of cars as well. Mr. Derrick, one of our teachers here at RHS, has a plethora of cars as well. He is known on campus for having a strong love for his cars and you can see them pictured in his classroom all the time. Although some of his cars are still not complete, his passion for working on them will keep him going for the long run.

“I have a 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air, my fathers 1955 Bel-Air, and I have my orange 1972 C-10 truck (…),” stated Derrick. 

The accumulation of all these different cars on and even off campus is what brings us together as a school. If your friend has a nice car and brings it to school, everybody will know who it belongs to and that should make them proud. Even off-campus, people may still have really nice cars that they simply cannot or don’t want to bring to school.