RHS Take on Productivity


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

A huge part of being successful in highschool and thriving to the full extent is to be productive. Everyone has their own technique whether commonly or uncommonly used.  It is always interesting to hear about your peers’ take on productivity and how they personally keep away from distractions. 

Whether you are an underclassman, new to the multiple class schedule or an upperclassman, or still not adjusted to highschool, it is easy to agree that all that procrastination and unproductivity will get back at you at some point. Everyone will find and have different methods on keeping productive whether something small and considered strange to other people or commonly effective to other peers. At the end of the day whether weird or strange to other people, the main goal is to help create habits that will keep you away from distractions whilst allowing time to do things at a mannered pace. 

“Recent studies show that over 85% of high school students admit to procrastinating on school assignments,” explained Tarika Kumar in the article, “The Issue of Procrastination Among High School Students”.

Nowadays we are seeing more procrastination amongst teens in highschool. This is often due to poor time management, distractions, laziness, or too many obligations at hand. A tip that is commonly used is to put priority in time management and organization within your schedule. It is important to note that not everyone is able to keep productive for long periods of time but when it is scheduled ahead of time you are more likely to keep productive.

“If I turn on a bright lamp light while doing my work, it helps keep me more alert and focused on the task,”  stated Dillan Saltsman, Junior. 

Overall, being productive is an important skill a teen in high school should have. Little things like having a bright lamp on whilst working can help you achieve strategy for the future when procrastination is not an option in whatever work path you choose to take in the future.

“I once saw a quote that said “do something that your future self would thank you for ” and it opened my eyes and made me want to stay more productive,” described Audrey Kuennen, Junior.