First Dates of Ripon High


Allie Camara, journalist

Have you had your first date? Have any of your friends? Well, now is your chance to hear about students of Ripon High’s first dates. There are many stories about how first dates went and why they are so memorable. There are also some tips and tricks on how to have a smooth first date and ways to keep it a good positive experience. 

Some first dates are more successful than others. What makes a first date so special is that it is your first time really building a relationship with someone of interest. Most first dates start with a nice dinner date and getting to know someone. The best piece of advice anyone can offer you when you are on a dinner date is to be open for conversation and getting to know each other. Also, maintaining the conversation going will shine in each other’s personalities and avoid tense moments. There is nothing worse than awkward silence at the dinner table.

“My first date we went to dinner, the movies, and ended the night swimming. It overall was pretty successful,” said Kylee Brown, sophomore. 

Some other dates involve more adventurous activities that might become out of others comfort zones. Doing things out of your comfort zone on your first date can also be a good way to get to know each other. For example, going rock jumping at the river or even going on a nice hike will really allow you and your date to be able to bond. 

“On my first date, I went on a picnic with him then a hike. It was actually really fun and we were able to break any awkwardness. I feel like our first date got us to be really familiar with our personalities and now we have been together for over a year,” said Abby Thompson, senior.

Overall, your first date will always be a memorable one. Regardless of whether it was good or bad, it is definitely an experience that you can only make the most of.

“My first date with her was good. We went to Juice It Up and sat in my car. On that date, we really got to know each other and bond,” said Lydia Waters, senior.