The Happiest Night on Earth


Kennedy Winter, Journalist

     To kick off homecoming and it’s many events, Ripon High students came together on Sep. 23 for a fun night under the stars! The night rally is an annual rally at RHS where classes compete in a lip-sync battle and in a fight for spirit. After over a year without events at Ripon High, students were excited to be there and were eager to see which class would win the first event of Homecoming 2021. 

     The theme for the rally this year was Disney-Lands. The freshman class performed first and took on “Hollywood Boulevard” and did a really good job, considering the fact that it was their first rally! The sophomore class surprised the audience with amazing costumes and choreography that really brought their “FantasyLand” theme to life. Then, the audience was stunned by the detail of costume, music, and decorations created for the junior class’s adventure through “Pixar-Pier .” And finally, the senior class pulled through with an outstanding performance of “Adventure-Land”, supported with props and sound effects that really “wowed the crowd.” 

     “My favorite part of the rally was definitely seeing other classes’ performances, you get so focused on planning your own dance so you don’t even have time to check out the others! They all looked super cool!” Said Claire Morris, freshman class representative. 

     Each class was rewarded points based on the quality, and overall performance of their lip sync, as well as points for their spirit. The spirit competition really gets the classes involved in the rally and creates a lot of positive energy within the students.

     “The best part of the night was when the energy was high and everyone was cheering, you could hear the competitiveness between the classes and it felt really great to actually have a great rally after such a difficult past year,” said Mackenzie Locheler, junior class president.

     As the night concluded, the results were in. The seniors placed first in the lip sync, while the junior’s won for spirit. This meant that the seniors would take first place in our first homecoming event of the year. 

     The night rally was very successful and seemed to be an amazing experience for everyone who joined. The energy created really got our students involved, and excited about homecoming. There was never a moment where someone wasn’t laughing, smiling, or cheering, and not only for their class but for each other. It got so many people together and was truly the happiest night on earth!

     “I think rallies are so important just to get everyone together and create memories[…] I love the night rally, it’s memorable and our class always does well,” said Emma Phelps, senior class president. 

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