Halloween Shenanigans


Alyson Harvey, Journalist

The Halloween season has just shown up, and you know what that means: it’s time to go outside and participate in some fun Halloween activities. Different people have different activities they do during this spooky season. 

“I like the pumpkin patch because I get to see my little cousin and we get to pick pumpkins to carve,” states Ty Valencia, sophomore. 

Many people have different traditions in this Halloween season. Some may be going to the pumpkin patch with their family, while others could visit Dell’Osso or Apple Hill.  Pumpkin carving is also a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween.

“Every year I always have a pumpkin carving contest with my siblings and we have slowly brought that tradition within our friend groups. On Halloween, I like to always end my night taking all my candy and trading off with my friends whose I like and don’t like all while watching one last Halloween movie,” says Joselyn Figueroa, junior. 

Despite all of the various ages and types of people at RHS, everyone has their favorite places to visit during Halloween, just like people have a variety of traditions and opinions. Many of the Halloween places that you can visit are built for every age and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

“I would say my favorite place to go during this Halloween season is pretty much anywhere that has a Halloween vibe. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday so anything with the smell or flavor of pumpkin brings me excitement,” Katelyn Cardoza, senior. 

Spooky season has made its pleasant arrival and it’s time to jumpstart our favorite traditions.  Even if you’ve never participated in traditions around Halloween, it’s never too late to start new ones with friends and family.  Everyone should enjoy this season before it all turns to chaos during the holidays.

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