Homecoming King


Layton Krygsheld, journalist

Nolan Young was recently voted homecoming king at Ripon High, he was announced during Thursday of homecoming week. How did Nolan Young get to win this title? What events led up to him receiving this honor?
Young is a senior and current player for Ripon High’s football team. He also plays basketball, and he has won player of the game a few times. From his talents on the football field to the basketball court, and his vibrant charisma around campus, he is well-deserving of this great honor.
“I am blessed and very honored to have shared this experience with my friends,” said Nolan Young when asked how he felt about winning homecoming king.
What steps were taken for him to win? Nolan was first voted onto homecoming court along with four other guys from the senior class, and five other girls from the senior class. After being voted onto the court, that in itself a huge honor, he was announced the king of homecoming during our Powderpuff game in front of friends and family.
All throughout homecoming week, people asked the big question of “who would win.” A good question it was, because he held the honor of being on the court with some very deserving people as well. But from the “Nolan, Nolan, Nolan ” chants at football games on Fridays, to the “Nolan” chants on that Thursday night during powderpuff, it was determined that he was indeed the winner.
Young was chosen to represent Ripon High and will fulfill this honor, around campus and outside of it as well. Participating in spirit days, and having a good attitude, along with being involved in other things around Ripon High, are just some of the reasons he deserves the honor. This goes along with other people on the court who check those boxes as well and do a fantastic job of not only representing the class of 2022 but their entire community and school, congratulations to Nolan Young.