Disney is Dead?


Kylie Nelson, Journalist

According to the website Saigoneer, many of Disney’s channels are being pulled from the air, such as Disney Channel, Disney Jr. and more. Although this hasn’t happened in America yet, it still is affecting many other regions and it is super sad to think about some kids not having that easy access to Disney in their lives. Many think the reason behind this is to get more people streaming on and paying for Disney Plus subscriptions. Several people including parents, staff and students at RHS are sad about this change. 

“Disney Channel was one of the main things I watched as a kid,” said Maddyn Forks, junior.

 As for many of us, watching Disney Channel is a great memory for us because it was such a big part of our childhood.

Seeing Disney getting taken off the air in many different places makes people sad because of the impact the company had on our childhood. It also makes people worry that the younger generations and future kids won’t get the same kind of experience as us. Of course, they can still watch on Disney Plus, but it’s just not the same experience without the Holiday specials and fun interactive commercials some of our favorite childhood actors used to star in.

“It makes me so sad. Growing up watching Disney Channel and getting to enjoy so many entertaining shows while other kids are not going to get that experience sucks,” said Brooklyn Faye, sophomore. 

In the interviews, it was really emphasized how much Disney channel impacted childhoods and how they are so sad that some kids just can’t get some of the same great experiences they had in their childhoods.

“It was a huge part of my childhood, I loved watching it with my friends, and especially loved watching the Holiday specials. To this day I still love watching Disney with my little sisters and reliving those childhood memories,” says Faye.