Emma Phelps Takes The Crown


Allie Camara, journalist

Becoming Homecoming Queen is almost every little girl’s dream. Emma Phelps got to live out this dream when being crowned at the 2021 Powderpuff game. 

On Sept. 29 the Powder Puff game took place where Emma Phelps was crowned at halftime. Phelps does a lot within the school as she involves herself as much as possible. She was ecstatic about her win just as the student body was as well. 

“I always envisioned this experience to be more fun and relaxing”, Phelps states. 

As this process is a little stressful while being elected, Emma took this experience while being grateful to be on court. It can be a little tense as Homecoming week always is, but in the long run she was so excited to stand with four other amazing candidates for queen. 

“My favorite part of the experience was being alongside Naomi Wilbur,” Emma Phelps said.

Naomi Wilbur was apart if the homecoming court as well. The two have been really good friends and were loving the opportunity to share this experience with her best friend. They had always talked about being on court together and sharing moments together, but Emma was unsure what the outcome would be. 

“It’s special because I am the fourth generation in my family that has won Homecoming queen”, Phelps says. 

Emma’s Grandma, Mom, and sister had all one before her, so you could imagine the excitement when her name was called. Everyone was so happy for Emma, you could see the overwhelming Joy in Emma’s face that night. 

“It’s my senior year and everything I do is going to be my last” Emma Phelps 2021 Homecoming Queen explained.