Our Internet Today


Diana Diaz Aguirre, Journalist

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Social Media is flourishing in popularity by the day, but how does the internet today actually influence our generation’s health and well being? What are Ripon High students’ opinions on media and whether it can be demeaning rather than beneficial? 

 “I think social media has a degrading effect on today’s teens… very often we tend to compare ourselves to other influencers and make ourselves feel insecure… I also did see how I would spend a lot more time on my phone than actually spending time with friends and family in person,” stated Abigail Campos, junior.

As media takes away from our mental health with constant comparison and reminders among young girls and boys, it also takes away from the main aspect of a thriving community. Especially at a young age, adolescents take everything they see online and convert it into a societal standard.

Isolation from close ones is also a main concern when it comes to restricting one’s internet usage. A five minute phone break can easily be turned into hours of scrolling through Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, and more. It’s important in learning to manage your time between your social and personal life before secluding yourself from the real world. 

“My favorite social media app would probably be snapchat because that’s how I communicate with all my friends… Sometimes it can get hard seeing hateful comments but at the same time it’s a fun way to see everyone’s posts and get closer together,” stated Kylee Brown, sophomore. 

Although social media is a huge source of communication and entertainment, there’ll always be resentment and criticism directed towards you. In many situations users can get carried away online, not knowing the damage it could be causing towards someone else. Blocking the negativity is the best and only option for our generation, and to just live on with life.