RHS Teachers: Career Paths


Leslie Diaz-Guerrero, Journalist

Have you ever wondered why teachers at Ripon High chose the career path they chose? Perhaps struck upon thinking what event in their lives had led them to take the teaching path into consideration rather than any other career. Many of the teachers here at RHS have many reasons or even just one for taking the path they took. 

Changing career paths is something normal especially for those who have many passions growing up. Many students would be surprised to find out many of their teachers did not always want to instruct the subject they teach or didn’t have being an instructor in their plan over all. Teachers like Mr. Dias had planned to stay in the Navy where teaching was never in his plan. 

Younger me would have been shocked to find out I was going to be a teacher in the near future, remaining in the navy was always my plan”

— Mr. Dias


Many students at RHS can agree that there are teachers on campus who have inspired them to try to pursue a certain career path. It is to wonder who or what event in their life may have inspired them to be a teacher themselves. For most teachers it is to say that it was an instructor of their own who guided them to love the subject they teach. Math instructor, Mr. Tyler recalls hating math until he came across a college professor who guided him into being a math instructor himself.

“I am one to admit I hated math my entire life, it wasn’t until college that I met an outstanding professor who made me not only love the subject but also want to teach it,” described Mr. Tyler.  

Teachers at RHS have very different stories to share about how they became the teacher they are today. It is always interesting to find out what your teacher had wanted to be as a child, and who inspired them to pursue a teaching career in the end. 

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