RHS Trunk or Treat!


Ollie Roberts, Journalist

The RHS annual Trunk or Treat has come ‘round once again and was another huge success! Teacher and Staff volunteers like Mr Felver, Mrs Pendleton, Mr Poole, Mr Sikma, and others really made the Trunk or Treat happen yet again! Mr Rangel and Morty even had a duo costume (bacon and eggs) and Mr Felver dressed up as an extravagant pirate! 

“ Mr Rangel had asked me to be the bacon to the eggs costume and I was super excited to do it!“ said Morty, RHS Activities Director.

 Her and Mr Rangel did end up wearing the bacon and eggs costume which was awesome! They stood near Mr Felver’s truck while interacting with the trunk-or-treaters. Everyone loved the Halloween spirit! While talking about costumes, let’s make a warm mention towards, definitely the most spirited costume, Mr Felver! (as shown in the picture) 

My costume this year was Captain James Hook (specifically from the Movie “Hook” starring Dustin Hoffman as Hook).” said Mr Felver, RHS Teacher. 

The inspiration for this was so kindhearted and sweet, relating to his teaching career in fact!

As I was doing my lesson planning and score study for this year’s band class, I was feeling burnt out and wanted to pull from inspiration.  I have a recording of our Ripon High School band from the spring of 2019.  In that concert, they played a medley of music by John Williams.  That piece has music from the movie “Hook” which gave me the inspiration.” said Felver.

 Even in his costumes, he is able to express his love for music and teaching. The spirit around campus has been getting better and better! Go Indians!!