Progress Grades Due Friday 4/8

Progress Grades Due Friday 4/8

Kaya Whittaker, Editor

It’s near the middle of the quarter, which means progress grades are coming up.  Progress reports come out sometime next week, and any assignments are due by Friday for them to be included in the report.  That means that RHS students have two days to turn in any outstanding work.  Anything not turned in by the eighth of April will not impact the upcoming progress report.  The exact due date may vary from class to class, as some teachers are more lenient than others, but the common date is Friday.

It’s only halfway through the quarter, so final grades aren’t for a while.  The report cards for Ripon High come out in a multitude of increments, each ranging in much they matter for graduation.  There are progress grades, quarter grades, and semester grades, in order from least to most impact on transcripts.  Semester grades come out twice a year, quarter grades and progress grades four times.  

Progress reports aren’t counted on transcripts, so they are often looked over in importance.  While it is true that getting a good grade on a progress report card isn’t as stressful as getting one on a semester report or a final report, it is still a report card all the same.  Progress reports are usually for the parents to get an idea of how their child is doing in school if they don’t regularly look at their grades.  

This progress report is more worthy of worrying about than the others because it gives you a look at what your final grade might be.  Again, they don’t really count for anything.  Even so, it is still important to try and turn in any late work that you may have forgotten about before the end of the week if you want to try and bring up any close grades.