Harry Styles: Not The Same As It Was


Faith Yuen, Editor

The singer, songwriter, actor, Harry Styles dropped a new single called “As It Was” last Thursday, March 30th at 4 pm Pacific Time. The song was released on all listening platforms in preparation for his new album release on May 20th, 2022. His new album will be called “Harry’s House.”

Styles hasn’t released music since he dropped his last album called Fine Line in December of 2019, so the announcements and the releases of new music has been very exciting for fans and listeners across the world. 

“I was excited because I wasn’t expecting a new album let alone a new song right away so I was very interested to see what he was going to give us because I had no idea,” said Riley Slikker, sophomore. 

The song features a very uptempo beat, but with not very uplifting lyrics. The beat of the song makes it seem cheerful, but if you actually take the time to listen to the lyrics you can better understand the point that he is trying to get across, as he often does in a lot of his other songs. 

“My favorite part about it was the beat, because it was happy, but the lyrics were not, so it gave the song dimension.” Slikker said

In this song, we can start to see the different approach that Harry is taking within his new music, which has gotten fans excited for his album release in the future. His past albums have been a mix of sad music, and very upbeat pop music, all of the magic lies in his lyrics. ‘As it Was’ was a different type of song that we’ve never heard from Harry which is exciting, seeing as he has 12 more songs coming out on May 20th. 

“I’m most excited to see what kind of music he makes now because he has said in interviews that he has taken a whole new direction and this is his favorite album so far.” said Chloe Marisigan, junior.