Preparing for Prom 2022


Brian E. Gutierrez, Journalist

Rhs students are preparing for the upcoming 2022 Prom. This year’s prom will be taking place on April 30th, Rustic Ranch located at Manteca with its beautiful themed “Enchanted Forest”. This whole month they’ve been sending reminders, especially on morning announcements. RHS decided to create an Instagram account (@rhsprom_2022) to help students stay organized on any updates/upcoming news or changes for this year’s prom. This Instagram page is reaching out to students to submit promposals pictures, building up a playlist for the event, filling up guest pass forms, and the location where students are able to buy their prom ticket for $70. This year’s prom, students can only attend if they are academically eligible, and have no detentions.

Students have many ways of preparing for this year’s prom. Many are going with their significant other or a friend. Although, many are going by themselves and meeting their friends at Rustic Ranch. The Vintage Faire Mall located in Modesto, has opened up a new store “First Impressions, Formal” that sells prom dresses, wedding dresses, casual, and much more. Many students at RHS and other schools (Escalon, Manteca, and Modesto) have bought their prom dresses at this store. Others bought their prom dresses months in advance just to prepare for this special event and to not deal with any stress.

“(…)To prepare for prom, I plan to go out with a group of friends. We are going on a party bus. I wanted to make sure everyone has fun and is safe. For my prom dress, I actually bought it in February because I was anxious I wouldn’t find a dress that would be nice for me(…)” Audrey Kuennen, junior.

The cost of this year’s prom was originally $65 (April 11-14). This Friday the price increased to $70. No tickets will be sold at the door. RHS has provided two free tickets for the best Promposals. Thanks to all the positive comments on the special post of Gracie and Kengi promposal, they have won the 2 free tickets to prom. Compared to other schools around the area and the state, Ripon High School offers a reasonable and affordable price. Other schools’ prom this year are up to $150+. Of course, it depends on how many students each school has in total and how big their town is. $70 is perfect for our small Ripon Town.

“This year’s prom theme is going to be very pretty since it gives a natural look” Ayleen Alcala, Junior.