Real Advice for the Real Rookies


Kennedy Winter, Journalist

     High school is a time for teenagers to learn, grow, and develop. It is a time to try new things and figure out who we are as individuals. But, it is a big change for an eighth grader in Ripon, coming from an K-8 elementary school. Freshman year is one of the scariest years in high school. Not because the work is super challenging, or because the teachers are mean, but because everything is so new and different. So, 3 Ripon High seniors, Bella Chapin, Maddy Winter, and Nolan Young, have some advice on having a good high school experience.

     “Work hard and get involved. You don’t want to get to your senior year and regret the things you didn’t do, especially when it comes to your work in the classroom. Get the best grades early on, so you can have options for college. Getting involved is a great way to make friends fast and have the best high school experience possible.” says Maddy Winter, senior.

     It is so, so common to get lost in all the fun that high school has to offer, and become distracted from your grades and schoolwork. It is so important that you keep your priorities straight because in the end it does affect you. 

     “I would say to just get involved with everything you can. I mean if clubs aren’t really your thing there are lots of other ways to get involved. Even just going to sports games with friends or being an athlete is such a great way to get involved. Your grades are also really important and they affect a lot more than you might think. […] Everything is just about having fun so my advice is to enjoy high school and to not stress yourself out about everything.” says Bella Chapin, senior.

     Sports is one of the easiest ways to become involved in Ripon High. Whether you are on the field or cheering from the stands, sports are such a fun way to interact with your classmates outside of school who have similar interests to yours. 

     High school is a blast. There are so many possibilities and there is something at RHS for everyone. It might be scary at first, but everyone gets through it and finds what they enjoy. To the incoming freshman: don’t be afraid to try new things and be involved, everyone is learning. 

     “The advice I would give is to have fun in whatever you do and to give one hundred percent.” says Nolan Young, senior. 


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The advice I would give is to have fun in whatever you do and to give one hundred percent.”

— senior Nolan Young