Block or not?


This 2021-2022 school year continued our block schedule. Though this year a survey was sent out in order to get students opinions on next years schedule. Do you like block schedule, or did you vote for a change?
“I voted for not having block schedule because I enjoy having breaks from my teachers and shorter periods.” said Jacob Moorehead, freshman.
Block schedule is on Wednesday and Thursday having 1 hour and 30 minute class periods for opposite even class periods. Many people prefer different days depending on which class is on those days.
“I like block schedule because I have less of a work load on Thursday and Wednesday due to the longer class periods.” said Abby Hendley, freshman.
With longer class periods you can have more time for production in the class, but it can also be way more boring learning the same material for a longer amount of time. Block schedule is a rough subject to decide because it can be beneficial for different classes and different students depending on their attention span.
Block schedule is important for teachers as well as students because it gives them more time to teach their subject. What did you vote on the recent poll? Block or not?
“Block schedule is annoying.” said Jacob Moorehead.