2022 Book Lovers Review


Chloe Marasigan, Editor

On May 3, 2022, Book Lovers was finally hauled out to the waiting public after months of anticipation from rom-com fanatics and awaiting Emily Henry fans. After the New York Times bestselling author had astounding success with her previous books, People We Meet On Vacation and Beach Read, she soon after announced the release of this new novel we know now as Book Lovers.

The story follows a driven and cold-hearted literary agent, Nora Stephens, who resides in erratic New York. She is as staunch and passionate about her career as she is with her beloved little sister Libby. Despite the blood-thirsty personality her clients see or previous boyfriends have experienced, her devotion to Libby is prevalent throughout the book as more is uncovered about Nora’s past.

When Nora is late to a meeting with a potential editor for her client, she comes face to face with a disgruntled man waiting with the most pronounced pout she has ever laid eyes upon. Charlie Lastra immediately comes off as bitter and passive when he instantly rejects the book Nora has propositioned him. After the encounter with Charlie, Nora leaves the meeting feeling almost vengeful for his attitude but for the first time since a very catastrophic breakup, she has a fire lit inside of her that leaves the seemingly heartless woman unnerved and flustered.

Two years later when Libby declares she needs a break from being a full-time mother and wife, she begs Nora to accompany her on a girl’s trip to small-town Sunshine Falls for a month-long getaway from New York’s hectic lifestyle. After noticing that her sister’s effervescent self isn’t as prominent, Nora decides that this is the only opportunity to uncover what Libby has been hiding.

As the pair arrives at Sunshine Falls, Nora has only two goals in mind: prompt Libby to open up and spend much-needed quality time with her. Nora’s agenda does not however include finding Charlie Lastra sipping coffee at the local cafe.

From their first collision at Sunshine Falls, Nora can’t seem to escape her colleague, physically and mentally. The small town ensures that their proximity will inevitably lead to several encounters that have no limit. With her original principles in mind, Nora is in a constant battle with herself as she fights the urge to fall for Charlie’s magnetic personality and the habitual priority to fix Libby’s life.

If Emily Henry could do anything, it’s putting her blood, sweat, and tears into creating complex characters, emotionally deep relationships, and a story painfully addictive. The banter in every conversation never ceased to be hilarious and snort-worthy. The serious conversations were gut-wrenchingly poignant. Their discourse was pragmatic, illustrating the character’s distinct personalities perfectly. Charlie and Nora’s chemistry was so palpable that it couldn’t be cut with a chainsaw and their love story seemed like it was written in the stars. Her relationship with Libby was heartwarming yet still displayed the many hardships siblings have to face.

Book Lovers served the public with not only an infinite amount of swoon-worthy, sighing out loud moments but also a meaningful self-journey that teaches valuable lessons that is more than often seen as last on a priority list. The story is a refreshing contrast to the frequent “happy, go-lucky woman charms brooding man” trope and instead gave a new perspective on women who are not inherently vivacious but hardened by life’s cruel circumstances. Emily Henry’s writing is unparalleled and is the type to leave you with thoughts about how you handled misfortunes. The most probable outcome anyone will have after turning the last page is squealing and running laps to burn off the weight of how incredible the book was. Maybe even the itch to move to New York and find your very own Charlie Lastra. Or the most likely which is all of the above.