XC Beats the Heat


Photo credited to Kinsey Taa, coach

Annie Wild, Journalist

This week the cross country (XC) team withdrew from the Lagoon Valley Classic Meet, which was held on Sept. 3, due to high temperatures. Instead, the team took a trip to Santa Cruz to train in a cooler climate. The recent triple digit days have caused changes to many fall sports. XC has had a particularly hard time adjusting to the heat, as there is no CIF standard on when to call it quits.

Practicing in the morning the week before the meet, the team knew there were health and safety concerns regarding competing in the extreme heat. The decision was made on Thursday when Assistant Coach Kinsey Taa asked the team if it was a better idea to compete in the meet or take a trip to the beach. The vote was 38 to 7 in favor of the trip. After the decision was made, a Google Form was sent out for the team to vote on both the boys and girls varsity captains, who would be revealed before leaving for the special practice. 

The captains, seniors Julio Pelaez and Annie Wild, were announced upon arrival and were to lead the four-mile beach run. The trail consisted of a 450-foot elevation, as well as stretches of sand and pavement. The trial ended with cliffs that overlooked a private beach where the team was able to get to know each other and bond before the upcoming league competitions. 

League meets begin on Wednesday, Sept. 7 and the team will also be competing in multiple invitationals throughout the season.