San Diego Chargers Season

Abbi Kissee

The San Diego Chargers are an NFL team that has never won a title and it doesn’t look like they will this year. Or does it?  The Chargers have lost four games yes, but looking closer it is the little things that caused the team to fall.  

 The first game against the Chiefs the Chargers were up 24-3 by the half then the defense and offense fell apart. The whole unit only scored 3 in a the last half and the defense might as well not have been there at all.  Final score  33-27 Chiefs then it was the Colts, this was on the Chargers. Hunter Henry fumbled late in the 4th giving the Colts the time to finish the game.  

Next up the Saints, the Chargers looked like they had it in the bag with a 13 point lead but all of sudden with 4 minutes left the Saint’s scored two touchdowns to win.  The Chargers could have actually just kneed it and won the game, but no they had to give up 2 fumbles in the final 4 minutes.  

 Last but not least the Raider’s game.  It was neck and neck the whole way the Chargers making small mistakes, but nothing too big, such things as a fumble and a 16 yard punt.  It was 31-34 in the final minutes of the game and the Chargers were in the red zone getting ready for the field goal that could tie the game. Keep in my mind I was at this game and saw the whole play go down.  Let me tell you something this was one of the most disappointing things I have even seen in my life, the kick holder had the ball in his hands it was a perfect snap… AND HE MISSED IT! He missed the ball that would have most defiantly tied the game.  I lost all faith that day.  It was the most awful play i had ever seen.

  All in all, the Chargers are a force to be reckoned with they just choke in the second half.  If they found the stamina to keep going 100 % they could be 8-0.1795_san_diego_chargers-wordmark-2007