Hacksaw Ridge Review

Abbi Kissee


Hacksaw Ridge is an uplifting film that tells the story of a young soldier named Desmond Dos that refuses to bear arms even if the whole world is against his beliefs. He sticks to what he believes is right and the film will have you rooting for him the whole way through.


 Andrew Garfield does an amazing job portraying the pacifist that wouldn’t give up on his beliefs. The whole film he convinces you that what he believes is the right thing to do. Director Mel Gibson directs the whole film with a passion that you can see in it. The war scene was truly breathtaking and almost frightening at times.


Another noteworthy performance, Vince Vaughn as Sergeant Powell.  He added some light humor to the film, but still kept its serious tone.  


One criticism is that the first half moves slowly at times, and the pacing jumps around going from slow to fast and vice versa.  Overall the film was great and I would watch it again.  Anyone that likes action and a good underdog story will like this movie.