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Presenting “Play On!” at RHS

Abby Pendleton

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On the days of Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, various students from the Drama Club put on their spring play. It was titled, “Play On!” Its plot was very humorous and detailed.  

The story of the play revolved around a director who was played by senior Sabrina Schmier, trying to prepare the actors and actresses for their play. However, the play kept getting rewritten, new acts were added and taken out and the entire plot was changed. Throughout the play, it shows the conflicts of the actors and actresses and the people backstage as they prepare for the play.

Other members of the cast included Haley Meece, Cameron Cardoza, Laine Cavanaugh, Sarah Machado, Brandon Gunnarson, Justin Bright and Grace Lewis.

The characters in the play were all very unique, which helped add to the theme and made the play as a whole very intriguing.

“I almost feel like I didn’t even have to act, which was actually kind of hard for me, saying that acting is about being different, because I really didn’t have to change myself,” said sophomore and actor in the play, Cameron Cardoza, as he was looking back on how his character related to his own personality.

However, this wasn’t necessarily the case with everyone.

“Well, it was challenging because of the fact that she [character in the play] is a diva and everything revolves around her all the time. For me, that’s not really who I am,” said sophomore Haley Meece.  

A big part of creating energy during the performance was the reaction of the audience.

“Hearing laughter definitely gives us more energy… You get more comfortable and you almost act better when they laugh at your jokes,” Cardoza said. The audience’s laughter helped create more of a livelihood during the play for the actors for them to feed off of.

The play was divided into three acts, and each of them were different parts that followed the storyline. Overall, the outcome was good and the actors are looking forward to next year’s play.

“Acting was the best decision I made. Freshman year, I didn’t really know my place, and then last year’s play came along and I got a small part and it kinda sparked me up,” Cardoza said. “I was like, ‘wow, this is amazing!’ Then I tried out for second year, and I got a part as Billy, and it was a lot of fun, I’ve made a lot of relationships and I love it.”

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Presenting “Play On!” at RHS