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Weston Cell Tower

Andrew Goodspeed

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The cell tower at Weston Elementary School is a very divided topic. Two students were diagnosed with different forms of cancer and some people believe that the cell tower may be a contribute to the cancer and make recovery harder for the students with cancer. The total amount of people with a form of cancer is 4 students and 2 staff.


“It was pretty rough. Get that tower down,” Monica Ferrulli said in a story with KCRA 3.


Ferrulli’s son Mason went under a 14 hour surgery to remove the brain tumor he was diagnosed with. Mason had to take six weeks of physical therapy to relearn how to eat and walk.


“It’s not proven either way, so we don’t understand why you would gamble with children’s health. We just want the school district to listen to us,” Joe Prime said in the KCRA 3 story.


It has been proven that children have increased absorption rates of radiation compared to adults. The American Cancer Society found it inconclusive whether cell towers are linked to cancer, although the risk would increase with closer proximity to a cell tower. Currently there is very little funding to pediatric research. Many tumors may have possible links with electronic devices such as cell phones.


“So, why have our children be the experiment that discovers that it is later on?” Ferrulli said on the matter in the KCRA 3 story.

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