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Preparing for a Dazzling Performance

Kevin Valdez

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Photo Courtesy of Mackenzie Winters on Instagram.

Last year’s talent show was an astounding success, but Seneca Rubianes, the organizer of this year’s show, wants to make it even better this year.

“We’re definitely pushing in more and more publicity because I think that there’s a lot of hidden talent at RHS and that these people can be reached if they are just pushed a little bit more and asked more often,” Rubianes said when asked about how she wants to improve the show.

About 60 posters were printed to advertise the talent show and encourage others to send in audition forms. The show will be a ‘50s-themed event, and for the occasion, the multi-purpose room will be decorated and the Leadership class is planning to dress up.

Auditions were held Friday, December 1, two days after the due date to enter a submission. Rubianes hoped to have 20 final acts be included in the show on January 26, but 18 people turned in submission forms, four more acts than last year’s show.

“I expect that there will be a variety of different acts this year ranging from comedy to music and we will also have some dance acts,” she said. “Of course, we’ll have music acts and we’ll have seniors, and hopefully some teachers will decide to participate.” 

“There will be a variety of different acts this year ranging from comedy to music and we will also have some dance acts.””

— Seneca Rubianes

A silent auction will be held within the first hour of the show from 6:00 to 7:00. Students will be able to bid on items donated from businesses, and the winners will be announced at the end of the last act.

“I would hope that people would be interested in coming because we’re also having a little portion of the Winter Fest rally set aside for the talent show,” Rubianes says. “We’re going to have a little preview of what’s going on and then hopefully that’ll get more people to join and come watch the talent show, and hopefully we get a good turnout.”

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Preparing for a Dazzling Performance