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Winterfest? More Like WinterYes

Abby Pendleton, Journalist

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The second semester of the 2017-18 school year kicked off with a week full of dress up days and activities.  It is called “Winterfest”, and it is like a winter homecoming.  

Most students at Ripon High experienced Winterfest for the first time.  The 2018 seniors did have a Winterfest their freshman year, but there has not been one since then.  

So, what exactly is Winterfest?

A “Winterfest” is a winter or holiday-themed festival.  Not only are they in high school, but they happen everywhere.

There are Winterfests in theme parks like Great America, in which the park is themed for the holidays and there are special season passes.

Several Winterfest festivals are held in various locations in the United States, including locations such as North Carolina, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Florida. The list goes on.

Ripon High’s Winterfest gave students a chance to be able to jump into the second semester with a second homecoming.  

The week was mostly centered around the Disney villain-themed dress up days along with a talent show Friday night to conclude the week.

Whichever class has the most spirit points at the end of the year receives Jamba Juice from the ASB leadership class. Throughout this week, students participated in the dress up days in hopes of earning the most class points for each day. The sophomore class was the most spirited and won the overall dress up points during Winterfest. 

On Wednesday, each advisory class had the opportunity to vote online for each of their classes Winterfest Prince and Princess.  This is similar to the Homecoming Court.  The only difference is that the senior male and the female with the most votes wins (whereas a Homecoming Court consists of the top senior five boys and top five senior girls from the senior class) and there are a prince and a princess from each class. 

The votes were all counted on Wednesday and on Friday, the students filed into the gym for the Winterfest rally.

8 students were selected to be crowned prince and princess.

The freshmen selected were Connor Self and Malery States.

The sophomores were Nicolas Illardi and Kassidy Isham.

The juniors were Ryan Daggett and Mia Benzinger.

The seniors were Jesus Torres and Abbi Kissee.

There were also shopping carts decorated by each class instead of the floats as seen during the Fall homecoming .  The freshmen class won the best shopping cart.

From dress-up days to playing Mario Kart during the rally, this year´s Winterfest was a success.  

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Winterfest? More Like WinterYes