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Teachers Dunk on Students, Winning Staff vs. Student Game

Ashley Jackson

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On April 25th, Ripon high put on its annual staff vs. student game with the hard work of the freshman representatives and the hard work of our students and teachers like Mr. Graham or Kyle Sisk. The freshman leadership’s effort paid off in the end as they raised over $500, double the amount that last year’s game had raised.


According to freshman representative Niki Nguyen, this money was much needed for the class of 2021’s account as after the failed attempt to put on the Halloween bash, the freshman were actually in debt. Nguyen says they were in a bit of a time crunch as they only had two weeks to find 5 students from each year to play as well as student coaches and people to work at the game itself for jobs like selling tickets or working the scoreboard.


Gabriel Herrera and Gracie Jaime, with the input of the other freshmen leadership representatives, worked hard on the posters many students saw featuring some of our teachers like Mr. Felver and Mrs. Cutino as pro basketball players. This was one of the many ways our leadership advertised the game, along with student’s social media assignments and reminders in our daily announcements.


As for the game itself, the teachers and alumni beat out our students with a score of 91-82, surprising many students who believed their team would win. Our hard working teachers made sure to prove our students wrong with only about two weeks of practice under their belt, while some students had played for our school though according to Senior Kyle Sisk, the basketball players at least never practiced together in preparation for this specific game. Sisk was also among the students who believed the score would’ve turned out differently.


“ They beat us more than I thought they would and I thought it was going to be a closer game “ said Sisk in response to score.


With good sportsmanship,  Sisk does say that he would still play again but if they did, he believes that they should rotate less people and keep the more experienced players in to play for a little bit more.


With all the competition though, it’s good to remember that whether you’re a student or teacher, or if you played in the game or just supported it, we’re all indians in the end.


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Teachers Dunk on Students, Winning Staff vs. Student Game