September Staff A.C.E. of the Month

Maria Soto, Editor

Ripon High stands out for many things.  From the outstanding academics and athletics to the unique curriculum of Character Strong which teaches students valuable lessons that will help them thrive in the professional world outside of high school.  

Part of Ripon High’s school-wide positive behavior program is the A.C.E. system.  The acronym stands for Academic Achiever, Community Contributor, and Effective Communicator and outlines the expectations of those who are part of the school.

Mr. Giedd, Ripon High’s newest Spanish teacher, was selected by the student body as the staff A.C.E. of Month.  

“I was excited [to know that I was chosen] because it means that [the students] had a really good first impression of me,” Mr. Giedd said.

Those who nominated Mr. Giedd  as the A.C.E. of the Month complimented him on his friendliness and said that he made learning Spanish easy.  This is his first year teaching since he got his credentials at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.

“I really like how [A.C.E.] is a holistic standard.  It feels very good to be at a school where they value character, community, and communication.  I appreciate that,” Giedd stated.